OCA Membership - Join Today!

The OCA is a volunteer-run, grassroots association. Local volunteers help promote canoeing, and behind the scenes, other volunteers provide support. All the volunteers are members, as are others, who join to support what we do.

Everyone interested in what we do is encouraged to become a Prospective Member. This is free, comes with no obligations, and allows anyone interested in what we do to attend up to four of our events.

For insurance reasons, anyone attending more than four events is required to become a paid up member of the Open Canoe Association. We provide this option at minimal cost to ensure our events are as accessible as possible.

If you like what we do, and want to support what we do (or better still, help shape what we do) through joining, that's great.

Prospective Membership - For anyone, and FREE - Just sign up to this site!

Full Membership (Adult, Junior, Family) runs for one year from the day you join:

Join or Renew using Webcollect here  OCA Subscriptions

Existing members are currently being imported into the new system, not everyone is setup yet. You will need to reset your password to log for the first time. 

  • Adult: For everyone aged 18 or over 
  • Junior: For under 18s 
  • Family: For families of two or more people at a single address 
We've not dropped Club Affiliation - we're just still working on a way of integrating it into the system.  In the meantime please get in touch to find out more!
email: Paula membership@opencanoe.info