I’ve procrastinated too...

I’ve procrastinated too long to get OCA Scotland doing something- I’m going to try and organise trips and training in Scotland and hope other OCA leaders and coaches will join in too



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I've enjoyed open canoeing for over 25 years and have canoed lochs, parts of  the coastline and bits of the Spey and Tay.

I'm the owner of an Old Town 15'8  and a newly built (not by me) hand built cedar canoe, which I'm taking out for the first time on Thursday.

Sadly many of my mates are no longer wintered  or able to canoe and my two boats are rapidly turnin g into shelves in the gage.

I'm Edinburgh basd and keen to meet new padlers as sadly former paddlers are no longer able or willing to get out on the water.

Please keep me posted




OCA in Scotlandan

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Am working on getting OCA Cumbria up and running.
Some joint events woud be great,
We have an Easter Meet (based on Coniston) - see the events page - coming up, and an Ullswater event later in the year.
ALSO - Check out the Cumbria Canoeists website and the Open Canoe Events.
Although aimed at Cumbrian paddlers, we get folk from all over paddling with us.