"If you think of paddling as an aesthetic activity - as ballet dancing - as a mixture of art and science - then that's kayaking - the capacity to make this piece of plastic, or in the old days piece of fibreglass, perform - if you have good skills you can make the kayak carve - it's skiing - you can use the river, you can use the energy of the water and you can minimise the effort required to move around to move around - and that's a lifetime of experience and skill...

Tales of ordinary boaters about in this wonderful film about "rivering" - and we get everything from a tale the early days of boating with Scouts in West Yorkshire to a wonderful story about making river-running rafts from inflatable life-rafts... and they've even spliced in some great historical footage of folding canoes, a "dugout" and more.

Tearing apart the notion that rivers are for adrenaline junkies, the film shows the joys of even the gentlest of grade 2-3 water. We get to see a novice working things out for himself on a pushy wave... but throughout the film we get a celebration of folk working on the skills needed to open new horizons in a responsible manner. 

The importance of good judgement takes centre stage. "Managing risk is mostly about the decision making process, weighing up your level of skill, your level of confidence with any objective danger, with the team you've got around you" - excellent!

Kayaks predominate, but almost everything imaginable gets shown... and all of the above is in the first hour of what is a two hour film - so find a bit of time and treat yourself!