Introduction to Moving water - Dart

Cost £60pp (£65 non-member) Includes accommodation and breakfasts both mornings.

Intended for solo or tandem. Introducing the skills required to paddle whitewater. Suitable as an introduction to the skills for 3*. Further details from Pete Seymour email:

These are the annual weekends on the River Dart, which are offered as an introduction to white water. We expect the
participant mix to be similar to previous years, with those who have attended before and those attending for the first time.
The experienced coach / leader team will introduce and improve your skills in the art of canoeing white-water using the lower
River Dart, which is a Grade 2 river.
If you have any concerns about your possible performance, on Saturday we have the facility to be able to place an
experienced canoeist with either solo or doubles participants. The experienced canoeist will assist to improve your skills,
confidence and experience. On the Sunday you may then paddle either solo or with your doubles partner.
If this facility is required I must be informed when your booking is made.
You MUST come equipped ready for two hard days canoeing, possibly in poor weather conditions (Note: you can expect
some bumps, scratches and scrapes on you canoe and you could get very wet).
Please ensure that you have all the equipment that you require, i.e. buoyancy aid, helmet, spare paddle, strong footwear,
flask, emergency food/hot drink, wet / dry suit etc. and adequate buoyancy at either end of the canoe.
If you have a pole and / or lining and tracking equipment, bring them and you can try them out.
The above may sound daunting, but our aim is that all participants, including the trainers will have a safe, enjoyable, learning
experience at these weekends.
If you have any queries please contact organiser.
We will be using the William Pengelly Centre, Buckfastleigh, Devon
Parking is limited, but there is enough room if we make best use of the space.
The Centre provides bunks, ranging from 2 to 8 beds per room; you supply all your own bedding. Room allocation will be via
Centre notice boards. The Centre has male / female toilets and showers, but the drying facilities are limited.
All cooking utensils, plates, cutlery, fridge etc. are provided and you may use the kitchen to prepare your meals or pub
Food/Takeaways are available locally. You will need to provide packed lunches, including hot drinks, for Saturday and
To avoid early morning bedlam in the kitchen, breakfast is provided and included in the cost. You may not enter the kitchen
whilst the breakfast is being prepared and provided. Any special needs please indicate as requested on the booking form.
Booking Form HERE

Nov 17 to 19 2017, 5:00pm - 4:00pm
Devon, Buckfastleigh, TQ11 0DY, William Pengelly Centre


Introduction to moving water - Dart (Nov 17-19th 2017)

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Erika and I need to up our tandem skills on moving water as Erika is fit again. One trip already this month. We'll do the usual and meet you at the centre at 8am each morning for the briefing if that's ok.


Introduction to moving water Dart (Nov17-19th 2017)

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Should have guessed something would put a spanner in the works - Invitation to a family get-together that I can't get out of - Really sorry, but we can no longer attend. 


ww canoe

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I'm considering a new canoe, my Wenonah Aurora is quite large and needs real effort to move well. I've put together a list of potential canoes. Does anyone have any of the following they are bringing along? Evergreen sunburst, Esquif Pocket Canyon, NovaCraft SuperNova, Swift Raven, MR Guide, Dagger Genesis, Dagger Rival, Esquif Vertige, Bell Prodigy X, Mad River Outrage, Whitesell Piranha, Mohawk