Capturing The Spirit and Achievements of an Entire Era

Sometimes a photo captures more than just a moment - seemingly capturing the spirit and achievements of an entire era.  This is one such shot - fittingly taken at Loch Lomond - a spiritual home for British canoeing from the 1870s to the 1920 and a favoured haunt in today's resurgence.

Even 10-15 years ago, this shot would have been unimaginable.  Such canoeing has moved on in leaps and bounds.  That's in terms of ambition, kit, achievement and popularity.  We're looking here at an entire fleet of awesomely seaworthy craft - a fleet which is probably without equal anywhere in the world.

As we enter the 25th Anniversary year of the foundation of the Open Canoe Sailing Group... I can't imagine a shot which might better embody all that has been achieved - and I'll share this in tribute to Keith Morris​ and David Stubbs​, without whom scenes like this would still not be conceivable.

Great work guys - and I'm sorry I was unable to be there!