Canoefest 2017 @ Hay-on-Wye

Canoefest 2017 kicked off on the banks of the River Wye alongside the Hay Festival. Quietwater "Style" Canoeing took centre stage, but as ever, the weekend also included everything from tripping and "bushcraft" to the OCA's Annual General Meeting.

Nick Dennis takes up the story: 

We were blessed with good weather arriving at Hay on Wye on Friday 26th in stifling heat. OCA had the bottom section of the field adjacent to the river. There were loos, showers the large marquee and of course, a beer tent. It was also good of the Hay Festival organisers to coincide their event with Canoefest as we had a short walk into town to enjoy the delights of the world famous Hay Festival and to empty our wallets and purses in the variety of nice shops in Hay.

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