Canoefest 2017 @ Beale Park

As part of Canoefest 2017, the OCA took Quietwater "Style" Canoeing to the Beale Park Boatshow...

Here's a write up from elsewhere:

Years ago, Mark-Jan Dielemans​ was instrumental in popularising quietwater "style" canoeing within Europe. He ran International Symposia and attracted enthusiasts from far and wide. These had quite an impact, and many look back fondly on (for example) tandem Freestyle demonstrations from European enthusiasts Wouter​ and Annemieke Kieboom​.

Here in the UK, Colin Broadway​ and others ensured these same traditions gained exposure and in recent years, Freestyle and "Canadian" style have become staples at our annual Canoe Symposia. In addition, Brits have travelled across the channel for more, including to Kringelfieber. In 2015 a few of us built on this by hosting our 
inaugural Quietwater Plus conclave with Mark Maier​ and Lennart Bal

This week, we have been at it again. Mark-Jan arranged for Paddle Canada guru Charles Burchill​ and ACA Freestyle gurus Jörg Wagner​ and Sebastian Stetter​ to be the main draw at Canoefest 2017... and by the final weekend, home grown talents were running short workshops in both traditions of quietwater "style" canoeing.

The thanks of all concerned go to Mark-Jan for making all of this possible, and to the visiting specialists (including Frank Münker​). All contributed to a truly wonderful Canoefest, and to one which will hopefully kick-start the growth of our home-grown "quietwater plus" community 

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