Canoefest 2016 - the OCA's 60th Birthday Bash!

"Last weekend, 200 odd paddlers (some very odd ) came together at Ross-on-Wye, for the OCA's Canoefest event. As the Wye is one of my favourite rivers anyway, there was the promise of cheap ale and a ceilidh, I might actually learn something from the various coaching sessions and workshops, and I'd been promised more home made pizza on the reflector ovens, I decided to join in. The added attraction of getting to paddle with, or be coached by, some of the best known folk in the paddling world didn't do any harm either [...]

"[...] I really enjoyed this weekend. There were so many different things to try, workshops, lessons, demos, silly games, top food and ale, music (including poo songs of course), dancing and just great company. It may have cost a little more than a weekend wild camping, but the value for money was outstanding for me.

"Many thanks to Gary, Greg, Paula, Ian and the many other OCA folk who organised this, to all the coaches, to the suppliers and manufacturers, to the Scouts who did the breakfasts and lunches, and especially to the whole bunch of paddlers who made this such a good event.

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