C-Boating Annual Bash

C-Boating Annual Bash - 27th Feb to 1st March 2015... staying at Bunkhouse accommodation (details to be confirmed) and in vans / campers. Mixture of WW boats and abilities are the norm from beginner to "super gnarly". Same goes for rivers: expect lots of G2/3 and maybe some of the more experienced heading off for steeper rivers and more technical G3+/4. This is a fun weekend with with like minded folk and NOT a coaching or guided weekend. Turn up, introduce yourself and your soon feel one of the crowd. Be honest about previous experience. Lots of experienced boaters will be on the river and this is a great opportunity to really get to see what's possible in a WW open boat.
Feb 27 to 28 2015, 6:30pm - 6:30pm