Objectives and Mission Statement

At the 2016 AGM the Members updated the OCA Constitution and Mission Statement.

The updated Mission Statement reads as follows:

The OCA shall promote the use of open canoes for self-reliant adventure, exploration, journeying and self-development.

  • Members will be encouraged and supported in:
  • Getting out and about, independently, in ways that inspire others
  • Sharing experiences, embracing inclusivity and diversity, and learning from one another
  • Leading trips, and providing assistance to others. who are leading trips
  • Representing canoeists' interests in the wider outdoor community

To this end, the Association will:

  • Provide opportunities for all members to meet up
  • Facilitate training and mentoring, including opportunities to develop leadership skills
  • Offer guidance and resources to members wishing to offer an OCA event
  • Develop a network of national and international opportunities and connections

The Constitution was passed as proposed: see here. The changes were quite extensive and are highlighted in the text. Questions should be addressed to a member of the Committee.