Across Scotland: Oban to Inverness: Loch Linnhe and Great Glen week-long Journey (7 days on the water)

A summary of the details are given below:
* Trip status: Peer.
* Trip name: Across Scotland: Oban to Inverness: Loch Linnhe and Great Glen week-long Journey (7 days on the water).
* Journey location: Oban to Inverness: Loch Linnhe and Great Glen Journey
* Distance: Week - 100 miles approximately (about 15 miles per day).
* Date: Friday 23rd September (evening) to Sunday 2nd October (7 days on the water).
* Trip type: Canoe camping/Touring Journey.
* N.B. We will be on the water for the 7 days of Sunday 25th September to Saturday 1st October. The other days will be travel and logistics days.

General notes: Paddlers should be comfortable to paddle the distances, including paddling into and with side winds, and paddling with a loaded canoe in the conditions indicated . If you are interested, please email me for an information pack for more details. Tidal waters, multiple large open water bodies, white water rivers, weirs and portages to be negotiated.

Please note that this is a peer trip, that no instruction will be given and that I am running this trip as part of my logbook development between my 4 * leader training and assessment, and although lead, it is not lead within my current qualification remit, but embeds leader knowledge and experience.

Booking onto the trip: Please note that the week-long journey is open to 3 canoe clubs: Open Canoe Association (OCA), Shrewsbury Canoe Club (SCC), Welshpool Canoe Club (WCC).  Places are limited due to on the water safety/supervision ratio numbers. If interested please email me at to obtain an information pack, decide if it is for you, confirm whether you wish to book a definite or tentative place on the trip (please don't click “Attending”, "Going" or "Maybe" and assume that you are automatically booked onto the trip. You must receive confirmation that your booking & consent form has been received and that you have been allocated a definite place.

Sep 23 to Oct 02 2016, 5:00pm - 9:00pm