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River Dart Whitewater Weekend

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Three days of paddling (Inc Monday) £86 includes “ski chalet style” cottage accommodation.
Three Breakfasts & Two eveining meals £22
Day tickets also available (see booking form)

This weekend on the Dart Loop is open to OCA members who are:

Competent at paddling grade 2 to 3 white water, either with a coach or as part of a peer group

Feb 15 to 18 2019, 5:00pm - 4:00pm

Canoefest 2019 Chirk 25th to 27th May

Thank you, so very much to all of you who made Canoefest 2018 such a great success.

Thanks to all the coaches, who gave up their time.  

Thanks to those who brought all the displays and demo equipment.

Thanks to those who gave the talks.

Thanks to those who volunteered their time before, during and after the weekend.

(you know some of us but there are many more doing something or many things to help the weekend.)  A few went above and beyond.

Thanks to Clare and Aubrey for the venue.

May 25 to 27 2019, 9:00am - 5:00pm

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