Fully Mentored OCA 4* Programme for 2016

Leadership Development Programme

By special arrangement with Ken Hughes Courses: a fast-track Leadership Development Programme for those who've aspirations to be truly independent and/or lead others in moderate water environments.

Venues: Mostly River Tees and Teesdale - some of the best river canoeing options in Britain - with exclusive access to some excellent open water venues as well :)

Block One is an intensive, four to eight day development programme (duration to suit you). This is optional for those who've already got formal 4* Training, but would suit as a refresher for anyone who's so inclined.  It's discounted if you’re an OCA Member and are also booking Block Three (below).

Block Two is the meat of the programme - opportunities to build expertise and experience under the watchful eyes of OCA Mentors

Block Three is a four day development and assessment phase: your opportunity to work under the watchful eye of a vastly experienced L5 Coach / Coach Educator / National Trainer who will give you every opportunity to show why you should be signed off as a British Canoeing 4* Leader.


Programme Phase


Block One

4-8 Days (to suit you)

6th to 13th Oct. 2016

Personal Skills


Leadership Training

British Canoeing (BC) 4 Star Canoe Training

  • A review and refining of your core white water technique; building your critical technical, tactical and psychological skills;
  • Coaching key open water skills in a windy, dynamic environment. Offering you the skills to both lead and enjoy such conditions.
  • Dynamic Leadership and decision making models that make you a more sophisticated leader in both environments;
  • The very best Level 5 standard coaching you can get from us;
  • Accurate, targeted and insightful feedback.

Block Two

Led 3rd-4th Dec or 28th-29th Jan

Mentored Development

Being Led on an Assessment

  • This phase will be arranged with you to provide opportunities to access coaching and receive feedback on your progress towards 4* Assessment;
  • You will have access to OCA Leaders and Coaches and opportunities to build experience on OCA Trips;

Block 3

4 Days 

2nd to 5th April.

Assessment Preparation

4 Star Canoe Refresher

BC 4 Star Canoe Assessment

  • Getting to know the other candidates so you can work as a team during the assessment;
  • Finding out how the assessment will be conducted and exactly what is expected of you;
  • Getting up to speed with all aspects of the syllabus so you are slick and paddling-ready for the assessment;
  • Receiving specific and very focused feedback;
  • Becoming comfortable with the idea of assessment;
  • Getting that last little bit of leadership/skill​s coaching to boost your chances.
  • A Relaxed and Supportive Assessment designed to allow you to have the confidence to show us what you can do.

[1] http://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/coaching-leadership/courses-for-coaches-leaders

[2] http://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/courses/4-star-open-canoe-leader#assessment-certification


  • Note: 3 Star standard is a pre-requisite for the Training Phase (days 1 to 4).
  • You need all your own kit.


  • No accommodation is included. 
  • You must register with British Canoeing (or Home Nation Association) at least two weeks prior to the assessment.

To Book:

  1. Ensure you are able to make all the dates.
  2. Complete a Booking Form. These are available on request from kenhughescourses@aol.com
  3. Register with Canoe England or your Home Nation using a LR Form as appropriate.

Please Note:

The cost of the programme is fixed. Should you decide not to attend all of the days you will not receive any discount. The programme offers excellent value in comparison with other commercially available courses.

Moderate Water Endorsement: This programme sets you up in the very best way for MWE Canoe. Ask for Details.

Apr 02 to 05 2017, 9:00am - 6:00pm