Fully Mentored Moderate Water Endorsement Programme

MWE Programme

By special arrangement with Ken Hughes Courses and Andy Oughton: a fast-track Coach Development Programme for those wanting to extend their remit into (or update their coaching practices in relation to) moderate water environments.

Cost: On Application - but Discounted for OCA Members and available on a module-by-module basis.

These will not include any river/launch fees / British Canoeing fees.

Remit: Grade 2 White Water or equivalent Weirs and Open Water in conditions up to Force 4.

Pre-requisites for Training: Registration with British Canoeing (or other home nation): Candidates must bring their CR Form to the course (this process can take up to 2 weeks; if unsure please ask), 4 Star Leader Award in White Water, BCU UKCC Level 2 Coach Award, 16 Hour First Aid, 10 hours coaching since passing Level 2, 20 hours leading on Moderate Water since passing 4 Star.

Pre-requisites for Assessment: Training Completed, 15 coaching sessions since training including 6 progressive sessions (with session plans and reviews).

Block One is an intensive, four day development programme. This is optional for those who've already got formal MWE Training, but would suit as a refresher for anyone who's so inclined.  It's discounted if you’re an OCA Member and are also booking Block Four (below).

Block Two is the meat of the programme - opportunities to build expertise and experience under the watchful eyes of an OCA Mentor

Block Three is a two day assessment phase: your opportunity to work under the watchful eye of a vastly experienced L5 Coach / Coach Educator / National Trainer who will give you every opportunity to show why you should be signed off as an MWE Coach.


Programme Element

Details (a full programme will be provided prior to the course)



We provide a range of materials and preparatory work so you can maximise your learning experience during the course. Previous candidates have been very enthusiastic about the value and extended learning opportunity.


Day 1

7th Sept


The training day will introduce you to applying your Level 2 Coach Behaviours in the river environment (the syllabus does not require open water). The emphasis will be on “what” to coach and your TTPP Understanding.

Poling, Lining and Tracking, Tandem, Surfing Waves, Combination Moves, Changing Direction, Using the Hull, Breaking in and Out, Crossing the Flow, Coaching Themes and Principles.


Day 2

8th Sept

AM Training



PM Coaching Real Paddlers



Continued from day 1.

This will introduce you to the paddlers you could be coaching on days 3 and 4. You will lay the foundations for that. Feedback, tips, assistance, advice on strategies and above all quality practice.

You will remember how valuable the feedback periods were during the practice coaching session on your Level 2 Training.

Post Training

Days 3 and 4

e.g. 6th-7th Oct


To consolidate the training you are invited to observe a 3 Star Course. This will offer further insight into the coaching process, demonstrate proven progressions and allow you to observe a top coach.

Coaching Weekend

Days 5 & 6

Dates TBC

Log Book experience

Real students who are working towards their 4 Star will be programmed into these days to offer you log-book experience. This will provide you with at least 9 sessions of your 15.

Progressive Session Weekend

Days 7 & 8

Dates TBC

Mentored Observations


This weekend will involve the same students as the Coaching Weekend, so you will be able to plan your sessions in detail having profiled them previously.

3 Sessions on each day, each reviewed and subsequent plans adapted to reflect the delivery of the previous one.

Refresher Day

Day 9

11th March

AM Training



PM Coaching Real Paddlers



The Refresher Day will cover the application of the Level 2 Coach Behaviours in the river environment (the syllabus does not require open water) and the “what and how” to coach (your TTPP Understanding).

Lining and Tracking, Poling, Breaking in and Out, Crossing the Flow, Checking and Setting, Linking Trim to Performance, Coaching Themes and Principles.

This will introduce you to the paddlers you could be coaching on the assessment day. You will lay the foundations for assessment with these students and build up a picture of what their needs will be. Feedback, tips, assistance, advice on strategies and above all quality practice.

Peer Feedback will allow you to further deepen your understanding of how sessions develop. Working with the course staff you will be guided through your observations to ensure you pick up on all the detail necessary to improve your own coaching.


Day 10

12th March


This is a real extension to the training from the Refresher and you will continue to learn throughout. Our Assessments are both relaxed and supportive. We work very hard to ensure you get the very best assessment experience.

By continuing with the peer-feedback style from the Refresher you will also get an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the process.

Post Programme

Written Feedback and Action Planning



You will get comprehensive and insightful written feedback following the course.

If you wish to become a 3 Star Provider we will offer you the opportunity to observe our 3 Star Courses. If you are interested, perhaps a 4 Star Canoe Training.

Equipment: You should present yourself fully equipped with personal and leader kit for the 3 days. Student paddlers will be asked to also come prepared. If in doubt, please ask.

Should you choose to arrange your own coaching experience then only days 1, 2, 9 and 10 are compulsory.



Sep 07 to 08 2016, 9:00am - 5:00pm