Canoeing - but maybe not as you know it...

From OC1 boats for steep creeking and river running to decked and open boats for coastal adventure sailing... and from touring solos to Va'a and a 3-up Outrigger Canoe for high speed ocean cruising... and from wild water C1 to slalom C1 and C2... we introduced folk to a lot of craft on Sunday at the British Canoeing Coach Conference!

At the steep creek end of things, Matt Blackwell had folk carving, varying cadence and playing with heel and pitch - including in the new Silverbirch Covert. That was all whilst introducing insights from his preferred world of flares, boofs and ear-dips on advanced WW. At the other extreme, we also had Matt showing his versatility with a short session introducing the high-kneeling stance - as used for racing, but also (by some, at least for variation) in touring. 

Everyone worked hard on sit-and-switch (aka North American Touring Technique) in a solo J-203 for "optimum wake riding in packs" and in Pro Boats designed to "maintain and keep a 'pop' in shallow water." At the other extreme, we were "drilling holes in the water" with Freestyle moves in touring solos fromBill Swift / Sebastian Stetter.

Paul Lister brought along his exceptional "Pride of Manchester": perhaps the most beautiful and yet functional sailing canoe ever produced by David Stubbs at Solway Dory.Andrew Oughton also deployed a big stick to ensure sailing wasn't the only way in which we got "beyond the paddle" - and he managed to fit in a great introduction to the new Touring Awards.

Special thanks go to Richard Parrot and Stefanie Mullins of the Paddlesports Racing Canoe Club and to the 15 delegates whose enthusiastic participation (and diverse takes) took us down so many different paths. A great day :)