Canoe camping weekend - Llangollen Canal: Llangollen to Whitchurch

Canoe camping weekend.

 Llangollen Canal: Llangollen to Whitchurch

 Dates: Saturday 13 – Sunday 14/4/19, and meeting on the Friday evening (12th)

 Distance: 32 miles over the weekend (about 16 miles per day).

 We will camp at the side of the canal on the Saturday night. Please note that space will be very limited at the side of the canal (we will need to squeeze tents/tarps in where we can), so you will need a small lightweight tent or tarp, ideally a 1 person tent/small tarp (N.B. We MUST NOT block the tow path).

 You will also need to pack light as there will be several locks to portage and you will have to portage your canoe and gear around them. You will need a portage trolley.

 There will be 2x high aqueducts and 3x tunnels (for which you will need a head torch).

 Paddlers will need to be able to paddle a loaded canoe for the distance stated, including in windy conditions, have a head for height for the aqueducts, be comfortable paddling in a dark tunnel for an extended period of time (the Chirk Tunnel is 421m long).

 We will meet on the Friday night ready for an early start and paddle on the Saturday and Sunday.

 Places are limited for safety/supervision purposes (and due to very limited camping space). Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. You must therefore contact me in advance ( and gain confirmation that I have a place available for you. DO NOT click going/attending etc. as this is not part of my booking system, I do not monitor it and I cannot turn it off – You must contact me directly.

Apr 12 to 14 2019, 5:00pm - 6:00pm