One pot meals on route - Part 1

too often when on a trip we seem to rush out of the canoe get our shlter up and far too often dig in to one of those 'easy meals' With an evening ahead and supported by a craft that can take a little more in fresh victuals why not take time and make a really pleasant meal to savour when eating whilst enjoying the pl4easure of cooking.

Yes it is important that we ensure we are taking onboard the necessary carbohydrates, proteins and starches etc and what better way to do this than taking advantage of a decent meals.

Hints & Tips

  • Rice will continue to cook naturally for up to an hour after heat is taken off the pan
  • Vacuum packed meats (tightly sealed) are also evacuated with nitrogen (78% of the air we breath) and this will keep them fresh un refridgerated for 3 days
  • If you don't like long life milk skimmed milk (green lid) will stay fresh for 48 to 72 hours. Longer for those paddling at cooler times of the year.
  • Dried food is great; for best results reconsitute first before cooking
  • I keep frozen peas in a vacuum flask for up to 4 days without degredation
  • Soya cream seems to last for ever and is a great add to sauces.

One of my favourites

This is a paella style dish using speghetti instead of rice. A great change


speghetti  to suit number eating

teaspoon of papricka

Large pinch of saffron

Vegetables of choice: Peppers, onion (red are sweeter) peas, finely chopped cabbage in to strips also mushrrooms, mangetout etc.

Cumberland sausage (swap fo0r chorizo and don't use papricka)

Prawns or shrimps in brine

Chicken portion ( a good cheat is to cook it first then freeze it. It will stay frozen for a couple of days

Salmon fillet (again I freeze fresh to take with me)

to cook

Slice the sausage and cook through leave on one side when for later

Fry the onions, and peppers thewn add the pasta broken into small lengths. Add the paricka and saffron cook for a bout a minute to allow the oil to be absorbed. Add water and bring to the boil throw in a stock cube if you are fussy. Simmer for 10 minutes

Add the chopped cooked meats and stir in. Place fish on top of the mix including prawns and turn the heat down or take if off if on an open fire withour control. Leave for 10 minutes

Check the salmon is cooked add back to the heat if needed though I doubt it necessary

Smile, season and enjoy.

What great way to enjoy the evening.