Rutland Water - June 2015

Rutland Water is a curious place to boat. By surface area, you're on the largest reservoir in the country, and most of it can be explored (lies outside of the nature reserves). With such a fine extent of water so far inland... you'd be silly to turn down a bit of independently exploration in your open canoe - but can you?

Rumour has it the powers that be are hugely restrictive - but actually, paddling's no problem... so long as you erect a large flagpole and have something flapping from it...

This past weekend a group of us were hosted (extremely well) by the sailing club on the south shore: a departure from our habit of basing ourselves on the north shore. Despite persistent drizzle on the Sat am - and a distinct lack of breeze Sat pm - we had a wonderful time... with a fair bit of independent journeying by folk who weren't sure they could... and a fair few folk working on new skills.

Open Canoe Sailing Group @ Rutland Water - June 2015 from Greg Spencer on Vimeo.

Of course, that probably documents all sorts of additional infringements - perhaps including some of us not having appropriate squiggles and hieroglyphics on our sails - but we were welcomed with smiles by those we got close enough to talk to... and certainly excited comment from everyone from sea kayakers to folk in small yachts.

Along the way, SoTP Member "Lime" made excellent use of his Apache Tribe...

Edward showcased this newly restored heritage boat:

...and following a period of waiting around for something interesting to happen:

John S was prevailed upon to do something about it!

We departed on a very positive not. I got the impression we could each get away with turning up and canoeing at other times... albeit at a cost, and only on production of evidence of insurance... and on condition of not even CONTEMPLATING the heinous crime of landing anywhere... but fundamentally, we appeared to be most welcome.

OK - pup disagrees - this is NOT doggie-friendly territory - but if you've not got four legs and a tail you can have a good weekend away!

Notes: Other photos, Facebook Album