Early Summer Update - Diary Dates to Note!

OCA Membership    

Dear Past, Present or Prospective Member,

Have you looked through the OCA calendar lately?  We keep adding more dates as OCA Members offer to put things on with a view to giving other Members varied options throughtout the UK.

Of course, we have touring opportunities coming up - including a trip on the Wye, a Bank Holiday at a private campground on the Norfolk Broads, a Dart Estuary Weekend, another Wye Weekend and a weekend on the Barle and Exe.

The big event of the Autumn is the Scottish Canoe Symposium.  Before this, we've an expedition from Crianlarich to Perth on the Dockart and Tay.  Afterwards we've a Northwest Journey through an Iconic Landscape (Assynt) and a ground-breaking Advanced WW Strategies for River Running and Rescue" course.

For Coaches we've got an unprecedented UKCC L3 opportunity lined up - initially with Gordon Brown and Tom Sibbald on the Isle of Skye, and then with Tom on the Tay at from his Aberfeldy home.  

Looking further ahead, we're able to announce some all-new Coastal Canoeing opportunities we've arranged with Dave Rossetter of Glenmore Lodge:

The first three of these courses run back-to-back at Cumbrae in the Firth of Forth - so book now for a truly memorable week of salty sauntering!

Our local groups also continue to get together, with some offering coaching - open to Members from any region - and we've got specialist coaching such as Ian's Tandem WW Coaching weekends and Pete Seymour's Devon-based Introduction to WW.

Members will also be representing us at the Song-of-the-Paddle "Big Meet", the Tyne Tour and the Coaching Conference.

Last but not least we've got a couple of notable WW gatherings lined up for the new year - dates to note.  These are:

These events are just some of the ways in which OCA Members work to promote canoeing here in the UK - and behind the scenes we're building networks to get more happening - across all canoeing disciplines and the length and breadth of Britain.

If you're wanting to support this work, to contribute to this work or to take advantage of the opportunities being provided, please give some thought to Membership - whether joining or renewing!

This is all handled online.  Use the most relevant of these links:

If you've previously been a member the system should recognise a rewewal.  If it doesn't, no matter - we can link the old and new accounts once you've registered!

Please address any queries to our Membership Secretary, Paula.


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